GM J P Nelson

Tai Chi & Taijutsu Chief Instructor

Sijo/Hanshi J P Nelson, 10th dan, began combat arts training in 1971, T’ai Chi Gong in 1976, and personal trainer for strength and conditioning in 1981. Specializing in Close-Quarter Empty Hand, Stick & Blade Combat, he has attained instructor/expert certifications in numerous martial disciplines and cross-trained in many more.

GM Nelson brings to the Saeng Jeon Do Dojo an Old School training ethic with focus on correct breathing, physiologically correct movement, footwork, leverage over strength, and efficiency in resolution of engagement from a perspective of actual close-quarter combat experience.

Current Ranks & Titles:

  • President of American Nine Lotus Association.
  • Menkyo Kaiden Certificate, Hanshi Dai Soke Judan.
  • 10th Dan, Kizoku-Ryu Combat Kempo.
  • 10th Dan, Injo-Ryu Kai (Black Leopard) Tajutsu & Shinobi-Justu.
  • 10th Dan Jun~Ki~Do.
  • 10th Dan, Inju-Kan Karate-Jutsu.
  • 10th Dan, Inju-Kan Kobu-Jutsu.
  • 9th Dan Kuhasu Kempo.
  • 8 Star Sijo (of 8 stars), Jiu Ling T’ai Chi Gong.
  • Grand Master, Montanã Azule Combat Escrima & Short Blades.
  • Sifu, Twelve Tigers Kung Fu.
  • Sifu, Iron Mantis Kung Fu.
  • Sifu Yang T’ai Chi Chuan.
  • 5 th Dan American Freestyle Karate.
  • 4 th Dan, Goju Quan Kempo.
  • 3 rd Dan, Ryu Kyu Karate-Jutsu.
  • 2 nd Dan, Bushin Ju-Jutsu.
  • Living Legends Hall of Fame (Breaking).

GM JP Nelson has served in the Regular Army, been a bodyguard, taught SF Personnel, ran a Ladies Self Defense Workshop for years, retired undefeated (1983-92) as a full contact shoot-fighter, operated a fulltime Self-Defense & T’ai Chi Gong studio for over 20 years, developed the Counter-Catch-Carry defensive stratagem, is a published author, has been awarded an MhD in Metaphysics, is a Personal Trainer (specializing in weight reduction, Functional Fitness, Martial Movement), worked in the legal system as
an investigator, and has been featured in the Associated Press for his work in T’ai Chi Gong.

GM Nelson also understands special needs situations where he himself has Tourette Syndrome, Dyslexia, OCD and ADD. GM has also overcome several adversities in the last couple of years, including an accident in 2020, leading to an 18 month battle for recovery after losing his foot that had forced him into retirement.

Today, GM Nelson is walking again and working out 6 days a week. His main focus is keeping his Type 2
diabetes under control, writing/performing music, continued work on a variety of writing projects, and
overseeing cultivation of a new cadre of Self-Defense & T’ai Chi Gong Instructors to carry on his work.

Mt.Olive Lutheran Church Recreation Building
2780 North Center Street
Hickory, NC 28601