Grand Master Yoder
Chief Grandmaster Floyd Yoder

Founder & Chief Grandmaster

CGM Floyd Yoder has been involved in martial arts for over 50 years with various master and grand master rankings in several styles. He has been extremely fortunate to train with several exceptional martial artists in various respected martial art systems. CGM Yoder remains forever indebted and thankful to them for their unselfishness to share their experience, wisdom, art, and passion.

GM Floyd Yoder’s current rankings are:
  • 10th Dan Saeng Jeon Do Hapki Yu Sool
  • 10th Dan and Chief Operating Officer in Tactical Combative Division Rick Jessee Martial Arts
  • 10th Dan Judan Hanshi with Rick Jessee Martial Arts
  • 10th Dan Judan World Traditional Karate Association under GM Victor Moore
  • 10th Dan Chun Moo Hapkido Tactical
  • 9th Dan Chun Moo Hapkido USA
  • 9th Dan Taekwon-Do
  • 9th Dan Sung Ja Do
  • 6th Dan Hapkido in Hanminjok Hapkido Association World Kido Federation
  • 4th Dan Naoki Kubota Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jitsu
  • Full Qualified Balintawak Arnis Instructor level seven of seven levels.


CGM Yoder retired from law enforcement after serving 32 years of professional and honorable service to his community and co-workers. He retired from the Hickory Police as a Lieutenant Commander on 01 August 2012 with 30 years of service. CGM Yoder is a founding member of the Special Operations Team and remained on the team for over 28 years until the day of retirement with the last six as the commander.  He maintains his affiliation with the Hickory Police Department as a reservist and mentor.

CGM Yoder is the founder and president of Survival Tactical Concepts, Inc. that provides various tactical training to the civilian and law enforcement communities. He serves as a personal/professional safety consultant and develops programs specifically for the client's interests and objectives.

He received an instructor certification in the Israeli model of Building House of Worship Security Teams. Currently, CGM Yoder is involved with evaluating and building security teams for various churches of all denominations.

CGM Yoder received a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice with honors from Appalachian State University. He served as the Special Operations Training Coordinator for the North Carolina Department of Justice assigned to the North Carolina Justice Academy. He managed, coordinated, and instructed the SWAT, Rapid Deployment Instructor Training, and Solo Officer Active Shooter Response programs. His curriculum established the standard for law enforcement officers in the State of North Carolina. He was promoted to training manager of the Investigations Center and most recently the Senior Training Manager of both campuses. He was the school director for the Specialized Explosives and Hazardous Material Instructor Training program for six years.  He is certified as a use of force expert in Federal Court and recently completed the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Use of Force Instructor program.

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