Grand Master Yoder
Grand Master Floyd Yoder


GM Floyd Yoder has been involved in martial arts for over 45 years with various master and grand master rankings in several styles.

Master Anthony Stafford

Director of Training

Master Anthony Stafford is the Director of Training for Saeng Jeon Do. He has been consistently training in the martial arts for over 28 years.

GM Daryl Haynes

Hapkido Chief Instructor

Grand Master Haynes, 9th Dan, has devoted over 40 years of consistent training in the traditional arts of Hapkido and Taekwon Do.

GM J P Nelson

Tai Chi & Taijutsu Chief Instructor

Sijo/Hanshi J P Nelson, 10th dan, began combat arts training in 1971, T’ai Chi Gong in 1976, and personal trainer for strength and conditioning in 1981.

Derek Whitehurst

Hapkido Instructor

Sabumnim Derek Whitehurst, 2nd Dan, is one of our Hapkido instructors who focuses on individual work with students while explaining the necessary concepts.

Kru Mike Bentley

JiuJitsu Instructor

Professor Mike Bentley is one of a small group of practitioners who have trained and received black belt certification from Professor Relson Gracie.  Professor Gracie is one of the well-known Gracie brothers and recognized for his ability to teach sport jiujitsu and jiujitsu designed for combat

Brad Koser

Hapkido Instructor

Sabumnim Brad Koser, 3rd Dan, is our senior Hapkido instructor who ensures that the curriculum is followed while encouraging the students to understand the entire spectrum of the art.

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